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How to Use Lemon for Body Odor (Seven Secret Ways).

Lemon for body odor naturally

The Power of Lemon for Body Odor

Lemon: How about we battling body odor naturally with lemon juice. You do not need going on shopping because all you need is at your fingertips. As well known that lemon’s corrosiveness helps bring down the pH level of your skin, consequently executing odor-causing microbes. Lemon juice is a characteristic astringent that shrivels and fixes the pores and subsequently diminishes sweat creation. It’s reviving citrusy smell covers horrendous smell as well. In this way, we should figure out how lemon makes a difference.

If not mistaken, for quite a long time, the general society has kept on finding out about the synthetic substances found in antiperspirants, some of which have been connected to malignant growth. This is a little side tip that can be utilized around evening time on more than one occasion per week to help balance you’re skin pH and kill every one of the microbes, only not after you have shaven.

But before we proceed to the amassing benefit of the lemon juice battling organisms it’s imperative that we differentiate among Deodorant and Antiperspirant.

  • Deodorants are sold as corrective items and entirely work by covering or disposing of poor bad odor in the body. These items commonly use an antimicrobial operator or scent to battle body odor.
  • Antiperspirants are sold over-the-counter as a pharmaceutical item, containing dynamic fixings, for example, aluminum chlorohydrate. This is the thing that prevents your pits from feeling wet and sweat-soaked.


If you are looking for the best natural alternative to deodorant, stop looking around and go get your lemon juice. Lemon juice is loaded with lots of benefits that are helpful to humans because of this, it’s recommended. Its astringent attributes, it quits for the day pores. This is the reason lemon juice is regularly recommended as the best natural home remedy for substantial facial pores and imperfections.

However, we all know that lemons are additionally profoundly acidic. This is the thing that executes the microscopic organisms preparing up a tempest in your armpits. Simply be aware of its sharpness on the off chance that you have delicate skin, particularly after you’ve shaved.

Nevertheless, have any research, Practical or Professional back up these cases of using Lemon as Remedies for BAD Baby Odor?

As an ever-increasing number of individuals request regular natural alternatives, not just for their healthy life but for the environment, researchers are discovering the true properties of plant-based solutions.

While doing research on lemon, the target key research on as it is posted on the Journal of Pharmaceutical Exploration and Feeling inspected the joined properties of lemon and ginger. These homegrown crude materials are known to have tangible, astringent and antibacterial properties which makes them perfect for our underarms sweat-soaked condition.

Preparing the ginger juice by grounding and squeezed, then cut the lemons and squeezed into the ginger juice you make early. Subsequent to leading an emotional, quantitative, subjective and microbial analysis, it was inferred that a (½: ½) proportion of these juices delivered an alluring impact.

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Lemon Juice for Body Odor, Seven Secret Ways to Use Lemon for Body Odor.

1. How to Use Lemon Juice for Preventing Body Odor:

  • Get a fresh lemon and cut into two, take the half part and squeeze out the juice from it completely.
  • Get a piece of cottonwood and soak into the juice and rub it all over your armpits areas, as well can be applied to other smelling parts of the body.
  • Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes to let it dry up so-as-to prevent body odor.
  • Now, get an antibacterial/antiseptic soap and take a shower or wash the areas you apply the juice alone.
  • Do this process twice a day, that’s morning and night.

2. Using Lemon with Cornstarch for Preventing Bad Body Odor:

  • Take two teaspoonfuls of cornstarch mix together with 3 teaspoonfuls of lemon juice, mix thoroughly until you get a thick and smooth paste.
  • Before taking your bath in the morning, apply this mixture to your armpits area and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, to dry up on its own.
  • Get a bowl of warm water and an antiseptic or antibacterial to wash it off.
  • Do this process once a day, either in the morning or night before going to bed.

3. The Magic of Using Lemon with Baking Soda to Prevent Body Odor:

  • Mix together, 2½ tablespoons of baking soda, 1½ tablespoon of lemon juice with 2 tablespoons of water.
  • Mix thoroughly in a transparent bowl to make a smooth and thick paste. “if not thick enough, add the remaining half ingredients”
  • Apply the mixture on your armpits area and underneath of your feet (if you’re having sweaty feet).
  • Leaves it for a minute or two or three but don’t exceed 5 minutes.
  • Get cold and any antibacterial or antiseptic soap to wash it off. (when washing, you shouldn’t scrub it).
  • Do this repeatedly once on a daily basis to get good results.

4. The Power of Using Lemon with Salt to Prevent Body Odor:

This can be done in two ways;

  • One: Mix together ¼ of salt with lemon juice.
  • Get cottonwood and dip into the mixture and rub all over your armpits area for 5 minutes.


  • Two: Get a flat plate and spread 1 tablespoon of salt on a plate.
  • Get a fresh lemon and cut into two-part.
  • Take one part and dip on the salt in the plate, and gently rub it under your armpits as well squeezing the lemon so as to mix with the juices.
  • Do the rubbing for 5 minutes against your skin to exfoliate.
  • Whichever you go for, Leave for another 5 minutes and wash off with warm water and antiseptic or antibacterial soap.

5. The Power of Lemon Juice with Apple Cider Vinegar to Prevent Body Odor:

  • Take 1½ teaspoons of the apple cider vinegar with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice mix together thoroughly with 1 cup of warm water.
  • You can apply this to your armpits area using a cottonwood.
  • Leaves it to dry up and wash away with clean water. Or, Add to your bath…
  • Do this repeatedly twice on a daily basis or before taking your shower in the morning and at night.

6. Using Lemon Spray for Preventing Body Odor:

  • Get two fresh lemons and squeeze out the juice into a glass bowl.
  • Add a teacup of warm water and mix with the lemon juice.
  • Get a spray empty bottle and pour your mixture into it.
  • Before and after your shower, use them instead of using any deodorants. You can apply the natural homemade deodorant to your armpits.

7. Using Lemon Wedge With Baking Soda or Salt for Preventing Poor Bad Body Odor:

  • Get a fresh lemon and slice in half wedges.
  • Now take one half wedges dip in the baking soda or salt then rub it on your armpits area, squeezing it while rubbing.
  • It allows the juice to dry up on its own.
  • Wash away with warm water.
  • Doing this repeatedly on a daily basis.
  • This remedy won’t just help you get rid of bad body odor but as well help you take away all dirt and dead skin cells from your armpits area.

Please Take NOTE: As many people with profoundly touchy skin, ought to abstain from utilizing lemon squeeze specifically on the skin. So It’s advisable to dilute the lemon juice with water.

As well… You should keep away from food causing body odor like garlic, onion, zesty sustenances, red meat, handled sustenances, sugary sustenances and so on…

Body odor and food.

In the event that you have attempted regular choices, however, you can’t battle the poor bad body odor naturally., you should check your eating regimen. All things considered, your body odor can let you know a lot about your general wellbeing.

For instance, there are a few conditions that can exacerbate body odor, for example, metabolic infections like trimethylaminuria. Stress has even been appeared to cause expanded body odor, but can the sustenances you eat really affecting your body odor?

Note: these lemon home remedies were tested both in the lab and on female subjects between the ages of 18 and above. The mix of lemon and ginger appeared to offer great antimicrobial and astringent properties in low fixations. The analysts expressed that these fixings would be successful when creating both deodorant and antiperspirant items.


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In Conclusion:

Considering this. Most times whenever you sweat, your body is detoxing. As it dispenses with poisons, awful odors can result. A portion of the sustenances that impact body odor incorporate however are not restricted to the above listed.

In the long run, we are on the whole one of a kind. Our body odor results from a mix of microorganisms. However, there are more than thousands of different kinds found in our sweat. That’s why it’s very important to get rid of sweat causing bad body odor so we all smell good… Now you shouldn’t struggle to look for the deodorant to use, ignore every deodorant and go for homemade deodorants that are superbly custom fitted to your inclinations and natural chemistry lemon for body odor