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Foods That Cause Bad Body Odor | 19 Foods Causing Body Odor, Prevention, Treatment

19 Foods That Make You Smell Bad

Most times, we never think of what we eat, but we think it’s sweat that causes body odor… No. Your eating can affect your body odor. Mostly if you are the type that eats a lot of foods that make you sweat, such as hot peppers or other spicy foods, it might also cause hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) and when you sweat a lot, it leads to body odor. Also, another one is the odor of the food you consume, such as onions or garlic will cause an odor when carried in your sweat. Last but not least is what you drink if you love excessive intake of alcohol or caffeine, this may also lead to awful body odor… But should we stay away from this food causing body odor… No. Below we explain in detail how to consume these foods without resulting in body odor.

foods causing body odor

On the off chance that you have a hot date or a meeting or you basically plan to be out in broad daylight, you might need to keep these nourishments off the day’s menu. What’s more, on the off chance that you can’t, here are a couple of traps to help freshen up (deodorize) those awful scents.

Here are the Top 19 Foods That Cause Bad Body Odor

1. Garlic

Garlic stink overflows from your skin in light of the fact that allicin, inside another sulfur compound called allicin, is discharged when garlic is cut or smashed. Allicin separates rapidly after utilization and changes over to different substances, which cause microbes to blend with perspiration, bringing about a solid odor. Nonetheless, it is said that on the off chance that you are at supper and both you and your date expend garlic, you’ll be less inclined to see it. (It’s dependent upon you to go out on a limb.)

How do you get rid of garlic smell on your body?

If your underarms turn out to be some genuine stinkers, apply white or juice vinegar to keep you without odor for the duration of the day. You May Read More Details About Apple Cider Vinegar for Bad Body Odor Naturally.

2. Onions

Onions have a challenging flavor that we can’t get enough of, however, everyone around us may wish we would decrease. After onions are processed, their sharp oils ingest into the circulation system, saturate your lungs, and get through your breath. The more onions you eat, the more you subject yourself to their hostile odor. If you don’t find a way to make the onions get off your body, the smelling won’t stop.

How do you get rid of onions smell on your body?

Rather than eating them crude, have a go at sautéing them to give the hostile oils a chance to out. Crush any abundance oil out with a paper towel, and appreciate a fundamentally more fragile smell.

3. Liquor (Strong alcoholic drink)

Ever been hungover and figured you could smell alcohol leaking from your pores? All things considered, you completely could. Your body sends liquor through your circulatory system before it leaves your system, which implies the liquor leaks out through your pores and sweat organs, making a sharp and telling headache odor.

How to Deodorize Alcoholic Food Body Odor:

If we are to look at it again… Intake of hard drugs or alcohol is not a very good idea… But some people can’t afford it. So, the most ideal way, obviously, is to drink with some restraint. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you’ve just had an excessive intake of one (alcoholic beverages), the best way to motivate the smell out is to flush the liquor from your body system. So, drinking huge amounts of water can weaken the grouping of alcohol in your blood.

4. Beets

These red knobs are high in methyl, so while they’re incredible for you and are wealthy in crucial supplements, they additionally pack a sharp punch. Sustenances high in methyl separate in your stomach related system to make a concoction compound called trimethylamine or TMA. The compound is discharged onto your skin and makes a “fishy” smell that numerous individuals find terrible.

How to Deodorize Fishy Smell:

Spare beets and other high-methyl nourishments for when you’re going through the night in. The general population sitting beside you at supper will much be obliged. And it will help everyone free from fishy smell.

5. Broccoli, Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts

Little children crosswise over the United States, now have the motivation to ensure a portion of these detestable vegetables. These sulfur-rich nourishments pack supplements and cancer prevention agents that may help free the body of poisons and cancer-causing cells, but on the other hand, they’re in charge of serious smells. This stench presents itself in the socially-devastating type of tooting. The sulfur in these sustenances is in charge of the spoiled egg smell that toots will in general abandon.

How to Deodorize Broccoli, Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts Odor From Body:

Cruciferous vegetables are indispensable to our wellbeing. Thus, when you’re in the solace of your own home, eat those greens! You can likewise parboil to expel a portion of the stench before you get done with cooking them. Meanwhile, flavors like coriander, turmeric, and caraway won’t just abandon you smelling new, they’ll likewise help control your discharges.

6. Espresso (Coffee).

In the United States and nearby countries, morning coffee is what wakes you up. Caffeine animates your focal sensory system, constantly making your perspiration organs enact. Espresso is likewise very acidic, which right away dries out your mouth. At the point when spit is inadequate with regards to, microscopic organisms develop and bolsters off the sulfur exacerbates that make awful breath.

How to Get Rid Of Body Odor Caused by Espresso (Coffee):

Avoid the espresso in the first part of the day and go for some decaffeinated homemade natural tea. Not exclusively is it a more beneficial decision, however, it effectively keeps your terrible breath under control.

7. Asparagus

The ready smell of asparagus manifests in an apparently innocuous manner, however; asparagus makes pee stink a lot. Whenever the sulfur compound mercaptan separates in the stomach related system, despite the fact that the impact can shift from individual to person. In case you’re one of those whose pee doesn’t smell in the wake of eating asparagus, this is on the grounds that your body doesn’t have the compound to separate mercaptan.

How to Get Rid of Food Body Odor Caused by Asparagus:

In case you’re apprehensively culpable in an open (public) bathroom, have a go at finding delicious asparagus elective. Ringer peppers can undoubtedly be simmered or flame-broiled much like asparagus without the eventual outcomes.

8. Curry nor Cumin

The essence of tikka masala may not merit the waiting stench that accompanies it. The smells of flavors, for example, curry and cumin can make a home for themselves in your pores, and stew for a considerable length of time at once.

How to Deodorize Curry:

Even a concise brush with cumin can cause an enduring odor. Rather, attempt cardamom, the sweet-smelling seed of a plant from the ginger family, which saturates the body rapidly and leaves a new fragrance.

9. Dairy

More has been said on how “Body odor creates when lipids discharged in your perspiration are processed by microbes on your skin”, which discharge odorous gasses as a result of lipids that originate from processing milk, yogurt, and other dairy items. The harmful waste feeds the microorganisms that add to your obvious and mortifying body odor.

How to make Dairy Deodorize:

Settle on non-dairy choices, similar to almond or coconut drain, to maintain a strategic distance from the reactions appearing in your perspiration. Truly, go plant-based. A little tofu could spare you a great deal of humiliation.

10. Fiber

High-fiber nourishments’ capacity to keep you full and fuel your day ought not to go unnoticed. Be that as it may, enjoy anything else than 5 grams of fiber (particularly just before working out), and prepare to stink the place up. Not exclusively will your perspiration stink, however you’re bound to wind up enlarged and gassy. High-fiber sustenances contain gases like hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane. When they’re processed in the internal organ these gases must be discharged, making offensive tooting.

How to Deodorize High Fiber Foods Causing Body Odor:

Drink a glass of water and you’ll effectively adjust fiber-filled sustenances. Chug more water to remunerate yourself with crisp looking and smelling skin while at the same time maintaining a strategic distance from hostile gases.

11. Red Meat

If we don’t forget, as of 2006, analysts from the Czech Republic gathered sweat tests from meat-eating and vegetarian. They at that point solicited a gathering from ladies to distinguish the foulest odor, in light of various components. Overwhelmingly, the veggie lovers’ body odor was observed to be considerably more engaging than the meat-eaters’.

How to Get Rid of Bad Body Odor Caused by Red Meat:

A basic method to evacuate potential stench is to remove red meat altogether. On the off chance that a vegan life isn’t for you, give cutting a shot some meat and supplanting it with fish or veggie meals.

12. Fish

Not certain why you have smelly pits? Fish could be the guilty party. Numerous individuals don’t know it, however, they have a metabolic issue called trimethylaminuria, which makes them unequipped for separating certain proteins in fish. This stinky compound is then discharged in the breath, sweat, and pee. Without knowing it, these individuals are infusing themselves with a sharp stink each time they eat fish.

Get Rid of Bad Body Odor Caused by Fish:

Next time you’re going out, avoid the fish in your sushi! Request a California move rather keep your pets smelling crisp and clean.

13. Fenugreek

Awakening to the smell of popping bacon and sweet maple syrup is a soothing inclination. Be that as it may, working out at the exercise center to the smell oozing from your underarms… not really. You might need to reduce the fenugreek, a herb frequently found in Center Eastern nourishment. Fenugreek contains a fragrant compound called solution, which is in charge of the sweet-smelling “scent” your perspiration produces.

How to Deodorize Fenugreek:

Beyond any doubt, the syrup isn’t the most noticeably bad thing to smell like, yet whole days of this solid fragrance waiting can become rather disgusting. On the off chance that you can’t avoid the essence of fenugreek, have a go at touching your hostile zones with a blend of heating soft drink and lemon juice to eliminate microscopic organisms.

14. Durian Organic product (Fruits)

On the off chance that you’ve at any point had a whiff of durian natural product (fruits), it’s no stun this intriguing plant leaves a stench in its way. A delicacy in Southeast Asia, durian natural product is a beefy (truly, as in meaty like your skin) organic product incorporated in a hard, spiky shell. Its skin makes breath smell shockingly disgusting. Some fruits are much wealthy in sugars, protein, fat, and sulfurous exacerbates, all of which consolidate to cause the ghastly stench. As Anthony Bourdain once portrayed, “Your breath will smell as though you’d been French-kissing your dead grandma.”

How to Get Rid Food Body Odor Caused by Durian Organic product (Fruits):

Researchers are chipping away at making an odorless durian natural product (a lot to the frighten of durian organic product fans). Be that as it may, in the event that you’d preferably not smell like decaying substance, a citrus is an incredible option. Regardless of whether you squirt it into water or basically nibble into a delicious orange, your body can rapidly process the citrus juices.

15. Low Qualities Nourishment

We as a whole know high-sugar sustenances can upset your hormones and your digestion, however, did you realize they can likewise make you stink? The concoction mixes in high-sugar sustenances have a high glycemic record, which disturbs the substance cosmetics of your blood. These new mixes blend with the microorganisms on your skin and cause a foul odor.

Deodorizing Low Qualities Nourishment:

For your wellbeing and your stench, keep away from those pieces of candy and syrupy espresso drinks except if you need your perspiration to smell.

16. Lentils

I comprehend what you’re considering: “Aren’t lentilssuper-solid?” Definitely, they are. Be that as it may, lamentably, some super-solid nourishments are likewise super-smelly. These high-fiber sustenances increment the action of gut microbes, which is essential for your stomach related wellbeing. Be that as it may, it can cause some genuine gas and swelling.

How to Get Rid Of Body Odor By Deodorizing Lentils:

Next time you’re going out for beverages, keep your pre-drinks supper without lentil. Some incredible options in contrast to lentils that are simpler to process are entire grains, natural products, and potatoes.

17. Soy

When you eat certain sustenances, gas is delivered by microorganisms following up on your intestinal bodily fluid amid the procedure of absorption. Now and again, soy drain can upset the standard procedures of your digestive tract and give you way a bigger number of gas than you requested.

Deodorizing Food Body Odor Caused by Soy:

Stay away from soy-based items and go for substitutions produced using nuts, seeds, and coconut. These every single regular elective will keep your gut clean and your gas under control.

18. Fiery Nourishments

Some fiery nourishments are odorless, while others pack a stench. Notwithstanding, all hot sustenances make them thing in like manner: They genuinely trigger your sweat. Read more on Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

How to Deodorize Fiery Nourishment:

Sweat-soaked pits are a standout amongst the least appealing things to see at supper, so arrange a milder dish. You can regularly request a dish to be set up without the hot fixing or request the hot sauce as an afterthought.

19. Whey Protein

Protein flatulates are a genuine article, and the general population around you at the rec center know it great. When you ingest excessively protein without a moment’s delay, your stomach experiences serious difficulties processing. When you use whey, you’ll likely simply get worried and gassy, discharging a stench that mixes the smell of your farts with a trace of fake powder.

How to Get Rid of Body Odor Caused by Whey Protein:

Except if you need to clear the room, settle on a less protein-thick nibble for your post-exercise refuel. Americans eat significantly more protein than they really require; almonds, yogurt, and eggs all have the more moderate measure of protein you truly require.


In the event, you want to get rid of food body odor, try to stay away from the above-listed foods or consume with caution as it is said…