Abdullahi Yusuf Olalekan – Co-founder

What I love about myself is my ability to deal with body odor as they come.

One of the greatest thing that can happen to someone is to have bad odor, and not knowing how you can deal with it.

With switsmell.com, we have provided detailed explanations on what you need to grow your self-confidence.

Welcome, and I hope you have an amazing ride.

Adetola Adegbohun – Co-founder

Growing up, I have always battled with body odor. From family to friends, their opinion has always affected my self-confidence.

So I set on a journey; to find natural and realistic ways to deal with smell from my body. This birthed the website: switsmell.com., where we document anything and everything body odour.

Here you will find all the help you need in getting your self-confidence back.

Reach out to us:

[email protected]


34 Ehi Street,
Ijesha, Surulere

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